Portunes and Animal Helpers

Hello everyone!

I intended to post much sooner than now but sometimes things come along and turn everything upsidedown!  I’ve recently come across and painted a little faery called a portune which is a type of elf.  They tend to live in farmhouses and come out at night, sometimes carrying out household chores like a brownie would.  But they do have a more tricksy side, delighting like so many faeries seem to do in leading travelers astray by coaxing their horses into bogs, then running off in peals of laughter!  Apparently their diet consists of frogs and maybe that is why they are a rare sight nowadays – as there are not so many frogs around.

I look forward to seeing if we will have any frog visitors in our little pond later this year as we often do.  I’ll keep an eye out for a portune waiting to ambush from the undergrowth too!  Portunes and other faeries can be seen the sketches section of my gallery.

Portune pixie drawing

I’ve had a couple of little helpers recently.  Well I think they like to think they are helping.  The first is my rescue guinea pig Mags whose friend sadly died recently so she’s been in from the cold with me.

Guinea pig on a desk with paintbrushes

My second helper is a recent addition to our family and the reason for lack of organisation.  She is Pinot, a now seven month old fox terrier who needed rehoming.  She can be a bit mischievous but is a lot of fun and likes help to look for the faeries when we are out walking.  I think all she achieves is chasing them away though!

Wire fox terrier dog in forest

Here she is out in the forest and I think she’s just spotted a little goblin or troll which she is about to chase!  Right, I’m off to see what trouble the dog has got herself into now so I’ll end this post now!  Thank you all for reading and don’t forget I have prints for sale from my Etsy shop.

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