Faery Art Gallery

Faery Art

A collection of art featuring various forms of faerie from the winged variety to goblins and pixies.  Faeries have featured greatly in folklore throughout history.  I have always been drawn to their stories which have been a great influence on my work.

Fairytale Art

Faery Fungi Art

A collection of mushroom related pieces of art, both painted and sculpted. I have been fascinated by fungi for many years, both their biology and their place in faery and folklore and find so many of their common names such as dryad’s saddle and poisonpie amusing and reavealing!

Mushrooms often appear looking a little grumpy but I don’t think they necessarily are. I think they often acts as guardians in nature and just take their roles rather seriously!


These sketches have mostly been inspired by selecting a type of faery from A Dictionary of Fairies by the folklorist Katharine Briggs.

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