Animal Portraits

Springer Spaniel drawing by Jessica Hilton

Animal Portraits

I have always had a love for all animals. Over the years I have kept many different types ranging from guinea pigs to metallic African beetles.  As a result, animals became the subject of many sketches and pieces of art which I also enjoyed creating from a young age.  Over the years, I have developed my own techniques to produce my animal portraits today.

I’ve always spent as much time as possible around and riding horses growing up and living on the rural Isle of Wight. Horses being the subject of many of my drawings. I am now lucky enough to own a lovely New Forest pony who makes a lovely portrait subject.  Over the years I’ve explored different types of art but recently I’ve rediscovered my passion for painting and drawing horses. Since owning a wonderful but wild Wire Haired Fox Terrier, I’ve added dog portraits too.

Please have a look at my animal portrait gallery.


I’m now taking commissions for animal portraits including horses, dogs, cats and other pets and farm animals.  To find out more about the commission process and ordering a painting, please click here.

“Jess did an absolutely fantastic job painting a fox, her attention to detail is amazing!”