Frequently Asked Questions

I hope here I can answer your frequently asked questions for animal portraits.  If you have any other queries, please message me here.

Q:  Can you alter a photo?

A:  I will generally work from a photo as it is, although I can alter small things such as removal or some tack and changes to backgrounds.  I do not however alter poses or remove items which obstruct a large part of the detail on the animal.  It may be possible to combine pictures of two separate animals into one portrait.

Q:  Can I have a portrait of a custom size?

A:  I will usually keep to my standard sizes but if you have a request, please message me.  Custom sizes may not come mounted.

Q:  How do I care for my portrait?

A:  Your portrait is completed on pH neutral paper.  The mount is also pH neutral which gives the portrait a longer life.  To make your portrait last even longer, keep it in a dry environment and don’t hang it near a strong heat source.  Hang the portrait away from direct sunlight, especially if you have a painting as although I use paints and pencils with a good light fast rating (meaning they are not subject to so much fading as others), they may still fade a small amount in strong sunlight.

Q:  Can you deliver my picture framed?

A:  I do not currently offer to frame your portrait but your picture will be mounted and ready to fit in a standard size frame.

Q:  Can I see your work in person before ordering?

A:  Depending on your location, it may be possible to arrange a meeting for you to view my portfolio.  High quality scans of my work are available in my gallery here.

Q:  My pet has passed away and I don’t have a good photo, can you still draw them?

A:  Although it may not possible to create a large highly detailed portrait, it may be possible to complete a portrait of a smaller size.

Q:  Can you use a photograph I have by a professional photographer as a reference for a portrait?

A:  A professional photograph may make a great portrait, although you need to obtain permission from the photographer for me to use it first.

Q:  How long will it take to complete my portrait?

A:  Once I start your portrait if is a drawing, it will most likely take one to two weeks depending on the size and level of detail involved.  Tack for example may increase the time taken.  A painting may take several weeks to complete once started.  I will do my best to provide you with an accurate estimate.

Q:  Who owns the copyright of my portrait?

A:  As the artist, I retain the copyright.  The portrait may not be published, displayed in public, modified or reproduced without permission

Q:  How do I pay for my portrait?

A:  After booking your choice of portrait and choosing a photograph to work from, I will take a non-refundable deposit of 40% payable by bank transfer or cheque.  If we arrange for me to take a photo for you, the cost of the photography session will be added to the cost of the portrait and the 40% deposit will be taken from the total cost.  When completed, the remaining cost should be paid, along with any delivery charges by bank transfer or cheque.

Q:  What mediums do you use?

A:  My drawings are completed in several brands of the best quality pencils.  They are finished by spraying with a fixative which reduces the risk of smudging.  My paintings are started with layers of watercolours, built up to give vibrancy.  Then the finer details are worked and burnishing added with the best quality coloured pencils to really bring the features to life.