Faery Art

Green Man painting by Jessica Hilton

Faery Art

My enchanted art from the world of Faery is inspired from time spent in the countryside surrounded by nature and magical places.

I’ve always loved to glimpse into the faery world.  Winged creatures flurrying away through the branches of old oaks.  Earthy beings seen from the corner of my eye scurrying through the undergrowth hiding amongst roots and in rocky hollows.

The trees and toadstools themselves I felt had their own personalities and presence.
As I grew up I never ceased to be able to see into this world and now aim to share it with you through my art. View my faery gallery here.

If you would like to read about my faery findings and the stories behind my art, see my Faery Blog.

If you enjoy any of my creations, please visit my Etsy store for prints.