Winter Weather and Churnmilk Peg

So the sun is finally here! Looking out of my window right now, I can’t see a single cloud.  I just can’t remember the last time that happened! And along with it some much more seasonal frosty air. It hasn’t been cold at all recently but it has rained and rained!
So many spring flowers have made an appearance. Hedges everywhere are filled with new leaves, buds and catkins. I hope there are still plenty of things waiting to spring up when spring really DOES arrive! I’ve just walked round the garden – it’s late afternoon and there is still a lot of frost on the ground – I’ve seen primroses, snow bells, hellebores and lots of honeysuckle still in flower but no faeries. I’m sure they are cosily tucked into burrows snuggled into dried leaves and mosses and I don’t blame them.  It was nice to feel the sun but I soon came in for a wild berry tea.  I think I should take a pot out for the faeries!

Primrose flowers


I wonder if the faeries have been busy with their springtime activities thinking it has arrived already and are now wondering why it is so cold? Hopefully they haven’t put away all their warm things, although I’m not sure if they feel cold in the same way as we do. We see and hear a lot of human behaviour in the faeries – playing music, eating and drinking, rites and rituals such as funerals and the clothes they wear.  But as has first been suggested many years ago are these just imitations of our behaviours.  Or perhaps we have adapted ideas and habits from them?

Churnmilk Peg

I’ve recently sketched a drawing of Churnmilk Peg.  She is a guardian faery like the Lunantisidhe that I drew previously that guard blackthorn bushes. Churnmilk Peg though guards unripe nuts. Another name for her is the Acorn Lady. Oak trees are my very favourite – they always have such a presence to them.  Perhaps some of that comes from Peg watching out for these trees. She comes from Yorkshire and in other parts of the country there are other faeries like Melch Dick who perform a similar role. Whilst not pinching at little fingers gathering nuts, she whiles away her time smoking a pipe. Peg and Melch also watch over orchards where they have been known to terrify apple thieves!

Churnmilk Peg faery sketch

From spring to autumn, when she is active – watch out for a little wisp of smoke from her pipe and avoid gathering nuts from nearby trees!

I hear there is more rain on the way so hope you and all the faeries keep warm and dry until we next see the sun!

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