Shaggy Ink Cap

Hello everyone and happy spring!

After so much rain it finally appears to be here!  Little green things are unfurling everywhere and the birds are singing gloriously (especially at silly o’clock in the morning which is the one benefit of keeping waking up far too early! ).  My little friend Tip made by Wendy Froud has been out enjoying the sun too – enjoying all the spring flowers and swinging dangerously in the greengage tree!Wendy Froud Troll








I’ve recently finished a new painting – yes it’s another faery fungi!  He is a little shaggy ink cap peering out from the hedgerow observing the comings and goings of all the woodland creatures and any humans who dare to veer off the path.  I think another reason mushrooms sometimes look so sad is because so many have such a short life time – this particular type melting into a puddle of black liquid (hence the name ink cap!).

Shaggy Ink Cap Mushroom Painting

My next painting planned combines my love of horses and fairytales so hopefully I’ll have that to show you all soon but until then, have fun out in that sun and watch out for those faeries helping it along!

You can see my other faery fungi artwork here.

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