A visit from a Stray Sod

Hello everyone! I’ve been having a little break recently but I’ve got lots of new pieces planned! I’ve recently read “The Field Guide to the Little People” by Nancy Arrowsmith and have started “A Dictionary of Fairies” by Katharine Briggs and inspired by these I’m planning to explore and sketch a different faerie every week or so which I shall post about here. Don’t forget I have prints and cards available from my Etsy store here.
Stray sod faery
Here is the first faerie I have decided to visit and sketch, and one that has always fascinated me. Stray sods are small pixies which enchant pieces of turf to cause people to become suddenly lost (pixie-led). I think more of us have come across this pixie than we realise.  Perhaps sometimes on the way home from the pub!

I discovered this little stray sod under a clump of violets and was very careful not to tread on her! But don’t forget, if you suddenly find yourself on the wrong track and feeling somewhat confused as to your whereabouts – simply turn an item of clothing inside out and put it back on!

My other faery art including sketches of faeries with their stories can be found here.

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