Where the Faery Magic Happens!

Hello and faery greetings to you all!

It has been a while since I’ve written a post.  I’ve had a lot going on but now it’s time to get back to creating! I’ve had little time to paint recently but I’m feeling very inspired by all the busy spring time faeries out and about in the woodlands and high hills.  Many are restless to see themselves on paper!
It has been lovely over the past few weeks to see the countryside spring to life. Walking along a shady lane recently, with all the cow parsley, ragged robbin, hawthorn and ferns looking fresh and green, I came upon this wonderful ash tree looking down from the side of the path. It is said that if you stand under an ash tree, troublesome faeries will leave you alone, but I have doubts as to this as those little hollows look like perfect faery hiding places!

Hedge of ash trees


I thought I would also share with you my little space I have for painting.

artists studio


On my desk I have some of my mushroom creations and you might also spot Tip (holding a pencil)  He is made by the wonderful Wendy Froud (her blog can be found here).  I think he is trying to help me out! Also I keep a small selection of my many inspirational books such as the enchanting old copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Outside the window to my right, I can see over the countryside for miles – fields, hedgerows and the sparkling river where I love to see the changing weather and seasons.

Now I must go and let all this inspiration find its way on to paper and hopefully I’ll have some new art to share with you soon!

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