Blackgang Chine Fairy Fling

Welcome to my first post. I’ve been really busy recently setting up my new business so I’ve had little time to write.  Now everything is up and running I have a bit more time!

This weekend I attended my first event selling my prints and cards at Blackgang Chine’s Fairy Fling event. Blackgang Chine is a theme park on the south coast of the Isle of Wight.  It waspened in the middle of the 19th century and is one of my favourite places! It has many fabulous and quirky features.  I think my favourite is Rumpus Mansion – a lovely old house taken over by all sorts of unruly faeries, goblin and pixie! I even thought I glimpsed something very faery like flittering around then disappearing by the door as we were setting up on Sunday morning!

Despite the misty weather on Sunday the day was very enjoyable.  Everyone there was so friendly and helpful. The weather on Monday was much better and it was lovely to talk to so many lovely people and see all the lovely faery costumes! There was even a unicorn!

Hopefully now I’ll be able to get back outside and get some painting inspiration from all the faeries I may see. I’m just off to help put up a squirrel feeder in a local woodland so I’ll see what I can see there. It is rather on the blustery side today though.  If I was a faery I think I might be nestled away in a cosy tree root! I have had rather a queue of helpful creatures enquiring about portraits so if I don’t see anything today, I’ve got lots to be getting on with!

Right, I’m off out now, and if you don’t hear from me again, I’ve probably blown away!
Blackgang Chine Faery Fling

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